Tyler Perry has returned with another reactionary film. This one’s called “Mea Culpa”, and it’s supposed to be a legal thriller, but all it brings to the table is stressful drama and these confusion-induced questions.

Why isn’t Zyair scared of consequences?

The artist guy is on trial for murder. So why is he painting and frolicking around instead of crying in a corner and acting like there’s real life consequences.

But really, what’s wrong with the guy?

What sane person grabs his lawyer from behind in front of her husband? Where’s the shame and respect?

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Zyair wants to sleep with every woman he meets?

“How can you represent me if you won’t say you’re attracted to me.” That’s what he told his lawyer at some point. From where to where, please? 

Who calls the shots here?

How the hell is Zyair dictating that his lawyer should meet him at his house? He even came to her office (where the meeting should’ve happened) to demand it. What audacity.

What in the “bad sex hygiene”?

Zyair was in the heat of sex with a white babe when Mea walked in on them. He didn’t clean up before he went on a bike ride with Mea. They got back to his loft, and he still didn’t wash his body before they went right into doing the do — with paint and everything. Maybe I know nothing about fine art sex, but no fear of infections? First thing after sex, they jumped in bed… with their unwashed coloured bodies?

Why did Mea follow Zyair everywhere?

How come this prudent lawyer thought it was a good idea to follow her allegedly criminal client everywhere? Even into a dark dungeon cosplaying as a swingers club.

Was Mea broke or not?

Kal was jobless, and Mea took on the Zyair case to cover a few months’ expenses. So, how come she suddenly had money for a vacay after everything went bust?

So the dead ex was… not dead?

How convenient was it that Hydie worked in the hotel Mea was vacationing at? Was she spying on Mea or something? Also, how did Zyair get convicted if they never saw a body? Is it that easy to fake a death, without any suspicions, in the Western world?

Why did Charlise have to stab Mea?

That whole climactic, plot twist scene was one big mess. When Ray told Charlise (his wife) to stab Mea (her friend and sister-in-law), was it the family’s plan to get Charlise jailed as punishment for infidelity?

Mea still trusted Kal after everything?

I want to know why Mea thought for one second that her husband wasn’t in on his mother and brother’s plot. Also, how the hell did they survive that car crash? Did Kal die? 

No legal drama?

The whole movie is about a court case, but we never see a court scene. Not even once.

But also, why did Kelly have to eat so bad?

Our girl ate too well in those fits for this particular movie. Was she trying to go one-on-one with Jessica Pearson’s fashion game?

Will Tyler Perry ever give us something new?

“Mea Culpa” is classic Tyler Perry. When will black women stop being the victims of his art?

How much did he pay Kelly to partake in this mess?!

This is by far our biggest question, and it’s probably for Kelly Ro herself to answer.

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