It’s 2023, and the boys are coming to the yard with new drips — If you want to keep up with fashion trends for Nigerian men, this guide has you covered.

What do men in Nigeria wear?

Say what you want, but when it comes to fashion, Nigerian men can never be caught unfresh. Their game is super tight, and we’re constantly in awe.

With most companies opting for remote and hybrid work systems, the days of suits and ties in the corporate world are numbered. For owambes and social outings, the Nigerian man’s agbada game is on a whole different level.

Corporate outfits for Nigerian men

Bishop collar shirts

13 Fashion Trends for Nigerian Men to Follow in 2023

Source: Jumia

The perfect balance between corporate and casual, this is the safest option if you don’t want to appear too serious.

Average spend: ₦10k


13 Fashion Trends for Nigerian Men to Follow in 2023

Source: OList

Nigerian men and chino trousers are like 5 and 6. Where one goes, the other follows. Lucky them because chinos fit just about any occasion.

Average spend: ₦10k

Corporate nativewear 

13 Fashion Trends for Nigerian Men to Follow in 2023

Source: Ebewele Brown

We don’t know how, but gone are the days when you could only show up in nativewear on Fridays. A new range of corporate nativewear puts them in the same class as suits and shirts these days.

Average spend: ₦30k

Agbada outfits for owambes

Source: Pinterest

This is a Yoruba demon staple, but is there any Nigerian man that doesn’t want an agbada in their wardrobe? Although the game has changed these days with silk agbadas and beaded embroidery taking over the scene.

Silk lamé agbada

Source: Instagram (@denolagrey)

Although lamé is mostly associated with women, designers are taking risks these days, and trust Nigerian men to represent. But this one will make your pocket bleed sha.

Average spend: ₦150k

Agbada with beaded embroidery

Source: Instagram (@folagadebanks)

It’s giving royal-father of the day. Jump on this to appear larger than life.

Average spend: ₦100k

Hand-beaded velvet caps

Source: Afrikea

An agbada outfit is never complete without a matching cap, but things are turnt up in that department. Velvet beaded caps are the in-thing at the moment.

Average spend: ₦15k

Agbada with rhinestone embroidery

13 Fashion Trends for Nigerian Men to Follow in 2023

Source: Blingshiki

Nigerian men love their ice, so it just makes sense that they can now ice out their agbadas. However, it doesn’t come cheap.

Average spend: ₦100k

Two-tone aso-oke agbada

Source: Aso Oke Atelier

Two-tone aso-oke fabric is where the magic is at for men looking to make a statement with their agbada these days. It might break your bank, but at least, you’ll be the centre of attention.

Average spend: ₦70k

Casual outfits for Nigerian men

Palazzo pants

Source: Pinterest

We don’t know if Asake and DJ Spinall’s Palazzo has anything to do with this, but wide-legged pants are making a comeback.

Average spend: ₦15k

Oversized denim pants

Source: Instagram (@asakemusic)

Some people call it the Asake Joha jeans, but yes, we must thank the YBNL hitmaker for showing Nigerian brothers the light once again. You’ll get good deals at Yaba for this one.

Average spend: ₦10k


13 Fashion Trends for Nigerian Men to Follow in 2023

Source: Instagram (

Women jumped on the crochet wave like nothing else in 2022, but it seems tis’ now the season for men to follow. You need some audacity to pull this off sha. 

Average spend: ₦30k

Tie-dye wear

Source: Instagram (

Thanks to the creative twist brands like Obida and Dye Lab have put on this classic, Nigerian men have a new found love for adire.

Average spend: ₦30k


Source: Notjustok

Bella Shmurda and Asake set the ball rolling with their controversial skirt appearances in late 2022, but we still need more men in skirts.

Average spend: ₦10k



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