Davido and his wife, Chioma Rowlands, recently welcomed twins in the US. He shared the news on Saturday at the UnitedMasters SelectCon 005 event while speaking as a panellist.

The naming ceremony is billed to hold this week, so we went to the trouble of compiling some name suggestions.

David and Davina

10 Unconventional Twin Names Davido Should Consider

It high-key slaps hard to name your kids after yourself. 

Likeadis and Likeadat

10 Unconventional Twin Names Davido Should Consider

Is Davido a fortune teller? He personally coined this in his 2016 hit song, Skelewu.

Explain and Evidence

So that Chioma and David wouldn’t stress for answers when the twins get up to mischief. “Explain, who broke this cup? It is Evidence.”

Oginidis and Oginidat

10 Unconventional Twin Names Davido Should Consider

Chioma wouldn’t have to stress whenever she wants to scold them since “ogini” is the Igbo word for what. For example, they scatter the house and she goes “Oginidis, Oginidat?”

Terms and Conditions

10 Unconventional Twin Names Davido Should Consider

We know the twins are already set up for life but seeing “Terms and Conditions apply” on job vacancies is a real morale booster. 

Woss and Wobi

In case he wants to give them a good scolding in the Yoruba daddy style. 

Iskaba and Iskelebete

When your daddy is an afrobeats legend, your name should be music to the ears. 

Goodness and Mercy

So that they’ll always follow them. 

Praise and Worship

Because the Lord has been good.

Sungba and Sungbalaja

So that Grandpa and Grandma will rest easy knowing their grandkids have traditional names. 

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