She just might go to “the village” for the holidays and return with a husband.

27 October,

Hey, you. With each day that passes, I’m increasingly open to the idea of setting alarms to
remind myself to eat during the day.

I’m at the stage where my eyesight starts to cloud over before I remember, “Shoot, I haven’t eaten today!”
Maybe one day, I’ll finally determine the exact colour of my problem.

Tife Editor


The Inside Gist: We Finally Met Up Because of Christmas Chicken

[There’s a part in this story when one partner had to live with their ex,
and I just want to say, I greatly admire the other partner for believing nothing would happen
because, what?!]

Hii Itohan! I remember how excited you were when you shared how you finally found a lesbian couple for #LoveLife.

Yes, we’ve done a lot of heterosexual couples, and I wanted balance. This week’s subjects filled out my form, in which I
begged people to come and be interviewed, and that’s how this story came to life.

Love it for you. Their first kiss happening in a toilet gave me secondary school love
vibes, and it’s kinda sweet. Is that the strangest first kiss story you’ve heard?

I think their toilet first kiss was cute. Sometimes, it’s doing you like that. The person you’re seeing is so hot, your body starts to do you anyhow.
I’ve definitely heard about weirder first kisses. I just can’t remember which I’ll qualify as the weirdest.

Any other thing you found interesting?

The ex-girlfriend who refused to go. I was afraid o. You can’t tell me that babe isn’t a witch.


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