Also: I Took a ₦100k Pay Cut Because I Was Miserable

Vol 68 | 19-02-2024

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I’ve been thinking about a question for the past couple of days. Given recent events, what’s the best way to think about income allocation?

One of my favourite approaches to budgeting is inspired by this framework I saw in an earlier Naira Life story.

One of the subjects in last week’s NairaLife mentioned a similar approach.

But the thing is, inflation wasn’t 29.90% in 2021, and it shows no signs of slowing down — at least not for now. While these frameworks still work, I feel like it might also be helpful to move a few things around. I’m still figuring out how best to execute this. So, I’m curious: what budgeting framework have you found useful recently? I’d love to hear from you.

What do I have for you this week, though?

In this letter:

  • #NairaLife: The Traditional Couple Running a One-Income Household
  • I Took a ₦100k Pay Cut Because I Was Miserable
  • #ZikokoMoneyVideo: How Much Allowance Did These First Class Graduates Get?
  • QUIZ: Can We Guess How Much Is In Your Account?
  • Where The Money At?!

The #NairaLife of a Traditional Couple Running a One-Income Household

Phoebe* (35) and Joe* (41) have been married for 11 years now, although a money-related fight almost ended their relationship before it even started.

They run a traditional one-income household, and Joe manages the family’s finances. How did they get there, and how is this dynamic working out for them?

Read their #NairaLife here

Have You Heard About The Naira Life Event?

We’re hosting a Naira Life event in 2024! What’s better than sharing stories about how Nigerians manage money? Bringing everyone together under one roof to share their experiences.

We’ll share more information as soon as we can. Click the link below to be the first to know.

I want to be the first to know

I Took a ₦100k Pay Cut Because I Was Miserable

Why would anyone voluntarily take a pay cut? For Jeremiah, it was the only choice to preserve his mental health.

He talks about getting his dream job at a toxic workplace and having to leave for a demotion and pay cut.

Read his story here.

How Much Allowance Did These First Class Graduates Get?

We recently talked to a couple of uni graduates and asked them questions about their finances while they were in school.

Watch the video here

QUIZ: Can We Guess How Much Is In Your Account?

Don’t ask how, but we think we can accurately guess just how much currently sits in your (primary) bank account. We’ll only need to ask you a few questions first.

Take the quiz here.

Where The Money At?!

We can’t say we’re about the money and not actually help you find the money.

So we’ve compiled a list of job opportunities for you. Make sure you share this with anyone who might need it because in this community, we look out for each other.

Again, don’t mention. We gatchu.

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