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What’s your money superpower? For some people, it’s saving. Others find it in investing. For someone like the lady in this week’s #NairaLife, it’s knowing how to make money. I guess you could call her a jack of all trades. However, a downside is that she doesn’t stick to one thing long enough. What does this mean for her?


Away from Naira Life, the second story in this newsletter explores financial dynamics in marriages. The lady in the story doesn’t think it’s fair that she’s her home’s sole breadwinner. But how did she get here?

Oh, by the way, there’s a fun little quiz at the end of today’s newsletter: answer a few questions, and we’ll tell you which Nigerian billionaire you are.

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In this letter:

  • #NairaLife:The Apprentice Who Wants Out of the System
  • My Business Found a Safe Space at Landmark Beach
  • #ZikokoMoneyVideo: How Much Do Unilag Students Spend Weekly?
  • QUIZ: How Liquid Is Your Money?
  • Where The Money At?!

#NairaLife: The Jack of All Trades With an Eye for Business Opportunities

This 25-year-old has sold everything and has done a myriad of jobs. While she has a sixth sense of what businesses work, she doesn’t stick with them long enough.

Now, a recent life update promises the one thing she hasn’t hacked: Stability.

Read her #NairaLife here

As a Woman, I Shouldn’t Be the Breadwinner

Romoke* (32) has been her home’s primary breadwinner since she got married in 2018. At first, she didn’t think much of it, but over the years, she’s come to realise this dynamic isn’t normal.

She shares why she can’t leave and how she’s made it a priority to advise other women not to tow the same path.

Read the story here

Nigerians React to the Cyber Security Levy

QUIZ: Do You Even Have What It Takes To Be a Nigerian Billionaire?

Make some money decisions and we’ll tell you if you’re Otedola, Dangote or another Nigerian billionaire.

Take the quiz here

Where The Money At?!

We can’t say we’re about the money and not actually help you find the money.

So we’ve compiled a list of job opportunities for you. Make sure you share this with anyone who might need it because in this community, we look out for each other.

Again, don’t mention. We gatchu.

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