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Vol 21 | 13-03-2023

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The running theme in today’s Naira Life is the hidden costs that make dreams come true. For seven years, this subject’s ultimate goal was returning to school. Now that it’s happening, he can only hope it sets him on a path to financial freedom.

But his motivations also run deeper. This didn’t make the final draft of the story, but when I asked him why he was so intentional about getting higher education, he said:

“My mum didn’t go to school because her father decided to focus only on her brothers. One of her brothers became a medical doctor, and another a banker. Until her death, my mum believed she would have done better in life if she had the same opportunities her brother did.”

This week’s #HowMuchLast game could alternatively be called “How much is a good night’s sleep worth.” I’m very curious to see your answers.

In this letter:

  • The #Nairalife Of A Tricycle Operator Who Won’t Stop Betting On Himself
  • HustlePrint: Everything You Should Know About Becoming a Chef in Nigeria
  • #LoveCurrency: Co-habiting in Yaba, Lagos, on a ₦500k Monthly Income
  • Money Meanings: “Bank Run”
  • Game: #HowMuchLast
  • Where The Money At?!

The #Nairalife Of a Tricycle Operator Who Won’t Stop Betting On Himself

The 29-year-old in this #NairaLife is a tricycle operator and typically earns between ₦4k to ₦10k per day. But not for much longer. Between 2012 and 2019, he nursed a dream of getting higher education. Now he’s making it happen and hoping it’ll unlock his next level of income.

Read his #NairaLife here

Foodies and Aspiring Chefs, Are You Sleeping on This Income Opportunity?

Sola Ajao’s hustle story taught us one thing: You can do what you love, and become a baller while at it. She took her love of cooking to Boston, US and has made a profitable business out of it.

If you also have a passion for the kitchen arts, this guide will take you step-by-step on how you can make money from it too.

Here’s all you should know

Co-habiting in Yaba, Lagos, on a ₦500k Monthly Income

In 2018, 22-year-old Adanna* randomly travelled to Lagos to hook up with a Facebook friend and ended up cohabiting with him. She never returned home. Four years later, she tells Zikoko how she’s living with her partner in Yaba on a ₦500k monthly income.

An excerpt: “I had an unhealthy relationship with money growing up. I didn’t understand money early as I was raised to be terrified of it. If you give me ₦5m today, I would freak out and overthink and micromanage every single expense. But not my man. He’s more comfortable with money. He’s the one who taught me to spend — especially on things I used to consider ridiculous like ₦50k on a single restaurant outing. He’s helped me ease the burden of guilt and taught me that above everything, money is a tool.”

How does co-habiting on a ₦500k salary work?

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Money Meanings

Game: #HowMuchLast

#HowMuchLast is a game where we show you an item and you tell us (and the world) the highest amount you’d pay for it.

Some weeks will be Okin biscuit, some others will be SUVs.

This week, let’s find out how much you’re willing to pay for a good night sleep. So, #HowMuchLast for an orthopaedic mattress?

What’s the most you’d pay? Tweet at us here.

Where The Money At?!

We can’t say we’re about the money and not actually help you find the money.

So we’ve compiled a list of job opportunities for you. Make sure you share this with anyone who might need it because in this community, we look out for each other.

Again, don’t mention. We gatchu.

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All good things must come to an end. But not this good thing. We’ll be back next week.

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