Tech bros need to focus on building other products that are clear of payment  apps. It’s even a few percent of the population that has REAL money to spend.

These are some other avenues we think tech should be exploring or going all in on Nigeria.

Price haggler

This app is the marketplace you go to without actually being there physically. It’ll let you know where you get cheap products and when you can get the best deals. Who doesn’t like having options?

Event centre bookings

Honestly, there’s no point in making tiring calls or jumping from bike to bike before you can book an event hall for your ceremonies.

Booking a venue for your owambe parties should be just a few clicks away.

Pay with feelings 

If tech bros will build more payment apps, we should get one where we can pay with our feelings. You can do it, ICT guys. Please, Zikoko has no answers on how to fund your feelings.

The bodyguard

This security app will store all your personal data and the tracking chip that comes with it can be kept between bundles of your naira notes. So, when the police or kidnappers try to get money from you, their location can be easily traced through the money.

Agbero e-ticketing 

Can’t we get an e-ticketing system instead of the agberos? Although their employment rate will go down, isn’t having fewer “egbon adugbo” harassing us for money we don’t have what we pray for?


Generating energy from waste is a very great idea, and it’s something our tech bros with funds should look into. Biogas can be extracted from waste using a digester and then used to power a generator. Imagine your cassava peels or eba from three days ago replacing fuel and generator. Waste management and sustainable energy >>>>>>

Serving breakfast

Tbh, we need an app for all the people who have been served breakfast, so heartbroken people don’t meet their aggressors again. No to a second-time suffering, IJN.

Or is there something tech bros can build for upcoming Burning Ram festival?



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