Although ₦33k could do a lot more in 2022 than it can do now, the NYSC allowance still remains ₦33k. Considering different plans or situations, we advise these wise ways to spend your allawee in the year of balablu.

Blow it on food

Feed your stomach. Even if you perish, you won’t be the first. Or do you really need us to remind you that food is king?

Spend on your boo

You have no business singing songs like Ego Oyibo by Chike, Spending by Johnny Drille or Olamide’s Jinja if your babe doesn’t eat from your money. A lover that’ll blow salary on their babe, it’s from their allawee  will find out. This isn’t an option for the singles, but your crushes aren’t exempt.

Keep some for detty December

No matter how stifling the agbado plantation gets, there will always be a way and time for some end-of-the-year enjoyment. There’s life, why won’t you chop it?

Do community project

You don’t have to wait until God touches your heart before you decide to build a school or dig a borehole for the place hosting you. See it as a way of immortalising yourself.

Get your travelling visa

You’re already tired of Naija and you’re only doing NYSC so daddy and mummy can let you rest. Our advice? Save the money Nigeria’s giving you to get out of Nigeria.

Save till service ends

God that created children has provided what children will eat and drink. ₦396,000 (minus the ₦2k state government pays) isn’t small cash to sponsor your wishlist. Just keep your account fixed till the end of your service year. Travel, club, invest, dash, donate.. do whatever you like, my G.


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