Gone are the days when you have to wait until graduation to consider making an income or earning something on the side. These days, undergrads are on the lookout for ways to make money as a student in Nigeria. 

If you fall in this category, we have important tips on how you can earn on the side.

How to make money offline as a student in Nigeria

It’s probably easier to make money online, but there are some legitimate offline gigs that can make you smile to the bank too.

Start a laundry service

Try These Ways to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria

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Most people don’t like to do their laundry, but as a student, the urge to get help is probably five times higher. That’s where you come in. Offer laundry and dry cleaning services to fellow students at a fair price. You can save up to get a washing machine that’ll make the job easier.

  • Minimum entry requirement: Knowledge of dry cleaning
  • Potential obstacles: Unstable electricity
  • Average required hours per week: Flexible

Sell groceries in your hostel

Try These Ways to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria

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This is a great way to earn money as a student if you stay in off-campus hostels where the rules aren’t stringent. Students are often too lazy to do market runs after long hours in lecture halls and the struggle to meet up with assignment deadlines. Do some research to identify their daily needs and stock up on them. Noodles, pure water, toiletries, garri, sardine and bread are some fast-moving items to consider.

  • Minimum entry requirement: ₦20 – ₦50k starting capital
  • Potential obstacles: Competition, poor electricity for storage
  • Average required hours per week: Flexible

Organise tutorials

Try These Ways to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria

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So, you’re the bookworm who knows the course through and through even before your lecturers are done with classes? Or the one everyone turns to when they need to break down a complex module? There might be an opportunity to earn some money here. Spread the word in your school that you offer advanced tutorials during weekends or other free periods at a charge. Even better, package an easy-to-understand handout and sell to your fellow students at a fair price.

  • Minimum entry requirement: Deep knowledge of courses
  • Potential obstacles: Clashes with personal study hours
  • Average required hours per week: Flexible

How to make money online as a student in Nigeria

Nigerian students don’t joke with the internet. It gives access to information that aids schoolwork, business deals and it entertains. As a student, you can take advantage of the internet and find creative ways to make money.

Start an online thrift store

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Students are in school to become the next doctor, lawyer, accountant and so on, but make no mistake, they mean to look good while at it. You can buy clothes in bulk from wholesalers and sell them at fair prices so your student-customers can afford them. Once you’ve stocked new clothes, take pictures and share them on your personal or a dedicated social media page. You can deliver the items through logistics services once payment is confirmed or have the students pick them up in person.

  • Minimum entry requirement: Know your way around popular markets and have an eye for trendy fashion
  • Potential obstacles: Competition, slow sales
  • Average required hours per week: Flexible

School registrations

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Any student who’s passed through a Nigerian university knows how stressful course registration, hostel registration, among other school registrations, can be. It’s even worse for freshers who are still trying to figure things out. But you can earn some cash if you’ve mastered the process.

Consider your time and the resources (internet) you’ll use when setting a price.

  • Minimum entry equirement(s): Knowledge of the school’s portal
  • Risks/Potential obstacles: Time-consuming, bad internet connection
  • Average required hours per week: Flexible

Content creation

Content creators seem to have taken over the internet these days, but did you know many of them are students? Undergrads have found ways to create interesting content in their immediate environment, and some are earning good money while at it. You can choose to focus on areas of interest such as money, food, travel and fashion.

Once you’ve established some level of online presence and trust, pitch brands with an online target market and tell them how you can hit their business goals faster. In Nigeria, Gilmore and Layi Wasabi are student creators who earn cool cash on the side while making skits.

However, it’s important to note that content creation requires a high level of dedication, consistency and creativity.

As a content creator, you can earn money producing organic content such as videos, pictures and blog posts for brands, advertising their services and organising content creation classes for beginners.

  • Minimum entry requirement(s): Basic knowledge of photography and video editing
  • Risks/Potential obstacles: Time-consuming, competitive market
  • Average required hours per week: Flexible


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