Making cash transfers in bulk can prove challenging without the right resources. This is where MoMo Agent comes in. Their Bulk disbursement service (B2C) enables organisations to make payments or disbursements to the mobile phones of beneficiaries.

Read on to hear from Nigerians on how this service has made their overall bulk cash transfer process less cumbersome.

Akinola, M, 30

I currently work in the non-profit sector. Catholic Relief Services (CRS), to be precise. At the onset of the COVID Pandemic, and the resulting restriction of movement, a need arose for a way to carry out a cash transfer intervention within the development context for our Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Program (OVP). We were looking for a means that wasn’t necessarily over-the-counter and could allow beneficiaries to be financially included. Basically, we needed a way to do many things under one umbrella, but the cash transfer was a major component of that need. I was searching for options online when my supervisor asked if I had not heard of MoMo Agent. I hadn’t so I set out to do some research on their functions and offers before reaching out to one of their service providers. The exciting part is that it felt like they were fully prepared to handle our needs and offered us a generous discount simply for leveraging their agent network! It was so cool. It felt like we were cheating them. Lol!

Another catch is that they were able to register 1,485 beneficiaries across 441 local government areas in Nigeria DURING COVID at no cost, as long as there was an MTN network. They were also transparent with their processes as they gave a live database to track everything as it happened. In all, the experience was fairly smooth. They saved us time and were receptive to feedback. I was really pleased to have been able to achieve this feat through MoMo Agent. It’s way better than over-the-counter options.

Henry, 35, M

Before choosing MoMo Agent for cash disbursement, we did an assessment on all other mobile money operators to get information about their offers and procedures. We also carried out a financial service provider assessment to determine who has the best experience in delivering cash transfer services to households.

Our contract with them is still ongoing, and so far, I can say that they deliver in good time if one provides an accurate database for them to work with. I also love the fact that they are able to create e-wallets for beneficiaries. This is important because I work in a humanitarian organisation and knowing that our beneficiaries are catered for without hitches is a big relief. The only requirement is for all beneficiaries to have an MTN SIM card. If they don’t, they’re given for free. Also noteworthy is that their services charges are cheap and there’s a cashback guarantee when beneficiaries are unreachable.

Not using MoMo yet?

With the “Bulk Disbursement” feature, you can now disburse cash to millions of beneficiaries (including employees) via thousands of our Momo Agents across the country. Start here.



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