Is it necessarily a bad thing to be older than your boss? I mean if someone younger in age than you are is your superior, it’s not necessarily a big deal yh?

1) Your excitement on your first day at a new job.

Goodbye to unemployment.

2) And then you see that your new boss is the junior you bullied in secondary school.

Have my village people followed me this far?

3) The way you people stare at each other.

This is a bad dream.

4) When your boss asks “did you go to so so secondary school?”

I was homeschooled, please.

5) How you look when your new boss recognizes you as the wicked senior from the past.

It was the devil.

6) When your boss hands you plate to go and buy food during lunch break.

Payback is a beach.

7) Your face when your boss asks you a question in front of the whole office that they are sure you don’t know.

boy talking into a microphone Zikoko ielts

I know I deserve this but mercy pls

8) When you finally decide to beg for forgiveness for the past.

The devil will never use me again. Please forgive me.

9) How you go to work knowing there is now mutual respect and forgiveness.

I won’t waste this second chance.

10) You advising your kids not to bully people.

Don’t be like me.



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