A Week In The Life” is a weekly Zikoko series that explores the working-class struggles of Nigerians. It captures the very spirit of what it means to hustle in Nigeria and puts you in the shoes of the subject for a week.

I don’t know about you but it has been a long year. A lot has happened that it feels like we’re starting to forget a few things. With that in mind, I decided to refresh our memories on some episodes of “A Week In The Life” that I have enjoyed writing.

Whether you started reading in January or just last week, here are some stories that deserve to be read twice.

1) A Week In The Life: The Interstate Driver With Girlfriends In Many States

To be honest, I’m even changing. I’m not bad like that. If I count my girlfriends, I have only five consistent ones. I’ve removed the inconsistent ones from my list because no time. I’m also thankful that God take libido bless me to be able to keep everyone satisfied. It’s grace. I be pure Igbo guy, I strong die.

This long-distance driver has gone from having a girlfriend in almost every state in the country to having “just” 5. Why does he do it? What’s his motivation? and is he not scared of the risks involved?

Click here to find out.

2) When I’m In Front Of A Camera, I Feel Like Wizkid Or Davido — A Week In The Life Of A Pornstar

Forget everything you know because this story will challenge it. After failing to get into Nollywood, Juliet, the subject of this story decided to go into acting porn. She talks about the stigma involved in her job, not being ashamed to show her face in her videos and how powerful she feels in front of a camera.

According to Juliet, “During video shoots, I tell my men that it’s acting we’re acting so they shouldn’t get carried away thinking it’s their girlfriend they’re fucking. I also make it clear that they must not cum in me —  they can cum on my laps, face, tummy but not inside me.”

Read more here.

3) A Week In The Life Of An Unpaid Full-Time House Wife

What’s it like being an unpaid full housewife? It’s a lot of thankless hard work, unnecessary suffering and acceptance in the grand scheme of things.

The heaviness in this story still haunts me today. See why here.

4) “Everyone Shouts At You” — An Exhausting Week In The Life Of A Medical House Officer

Doctors are leaving Nigeria for many reasons ranging from poor pay to terrible work conditions. What’s it like being a junior doctor in a toxic work environment? It’s a lot of shouting and being treated like you don’t matter or exist. It’s also a lot of crying and making up your mind to leave Nigeria as soon as you can.

Don’t take my word for it, instead listen to a junior doctor narrate their story here.

5) A Miraculous Week In The Life Of A Nigerian Olympian

If you watched the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics, the name Enoch Adegoke must ring a bell. If it does, it’s because, for the first time in over 20 years, Enoch took Nigeria to the 100m men’s final.

What does it take to be a pro athlete in Nigeria? Are Nigerian athletes rich? Satisfy your curiosity here.

6) I Don’t Have Any Human Friend —A Week In The Life Of A Zookeeper

As a zookeeper, you spend more time with animals than with humans. What happens when your job becomes your life? Well, if you’re like Mr Emeka, the subject of this story, it means you have no human friends.

How must that feel? Start here to experience what it feels like.

7) I Earn Dollars But I Still Feel Unsafe — A Week In The Life Of A Freelancer

The Naira is tanking and everyone is screaming “earn dollars or save in dollars.”

Alright, you listen to them and do both. However, you still feel unsafe because deep down you know that if anything happens to you, dollars can’t save you.

This is an anxiety-filled “A Week In The Life.”

8) Manager By Day, Sugar Baby At Night: A Week In The Life

The subject of this story has gone from swearing not to sleep with married men to not refusing their advances.

The result? A lot of gifts and houses. Why did she suddenly change her mind and go down the sugar baby route?

Click here to read her origin story.

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