Call them and start crying

Normalise calling your abroad folks in the middle of the night just to cry, so they can know that there’s fire on the mountain, and the mountain in this case is your bank account.

Tell them you want to know what foreign currency feels like

If you know anything about abroad people, you’ll know they’re always eager to tell you how nice everything is abroad. So, why not have them extend the gesture to what the currency feels like too?

Remind them of when you were in the trenches together

Make them nostalgic with throwback pictures of when you were both in Nigeria, then follow up with stories of how everything is hard and you need urgent ₦‎2k to see front. It’ll be in your account before sundown.

Offer to send them dry kponmo

It doesn’t even  have to be kponmo, but something that’s hard for them to find abroad would definitely slap. Stockfish and Maggi cubes  can work wonders.

Tell them you found land in the village

They want somewhere to tie down their dollars and pounds, and that’s where you come in. You can find them a piece of land in the village and bill them to pay for it. It might not be your money but at least it’ll touch your account.

Make it easy for them to send you money

Getting them to agree is one thing, but how you’ll receive the money is another. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by not planning it well. Luckily, there’s Busha to help you take away the headache of receiving money from people abroad.

If you run a business, are a freelancer, or just need to receive crypto payments from abroad, you can easily get paid internationally using Busha Commerce. All you have to do is sign up on their website to get started.


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