Maybe in the past, it was cool to pay all your bills while carrying the burden of five relatives who call you for money every time. But these days, everywhere choke. Learn to guide your pocket with these tips so you can have some breathing space.

Don’t be black

We hate to break it to you, but this was your first mistake. You can’t experience black tax if you aren’t black. So find a solution to that and be free.

escape black tax with this

Don’t be the first child

As if it’s not enough that you’re black and are, by default, obligated to remit funds to your family every month, you just had to be the first child too. Maybe, give up your position and tell them you’re not doing again.

Tax them first

Don’t give anybody space to ask you for anything. Preempt it by voicing out your problems and asking them for money first. In this life, you have to be wise.

Escape black tax with this

Face your front, and air everybody

Whether you ignore their messages or switch off your phone once your salary drops, you just have to do something. Else, your ₦200k will become ₦20k before the month even starts.

Run away

You can only ask someone you can reach for money. If this thing is getting too much, my dear, disappear.

Escape black tax with this

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Don’t think of it as black tax

Maybe it’s the definition that’s making it pinch your body. As they say, everything in this life is about your mindset. So you need to stop thinking of it as black tax and start seeing it as forced philanthropy. That way, you’ll feel better when you do it.

Be ridiculously rich

How can you think of it as philanthropy if you’re managing your last ₦10k and food prices are going up every market day? You need plenty of money so it doesn’t feel like stress anymore.

Escape black tax with this

Don’t talk to your extended family

Why is it your business that the Uncle Soji you’ve only met once as a child is having a wedding, and you have to contribute money to cook Jollof rice?

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