They can act like they don’t care, but trust us when we say these gift ideas for men will answer their many “God when?” questions.

As you search for the best gift ideas for the different men in your life—siblings, father, co-worker, husband, boyfriend, sons— we want you to pay attention to this list curated with all our love.

So what will get that man grinning? Let’s go.

Birthday gift ideas for men

Sponsor a weekend getaway

That man deserves to see the world. We’ll let you decide if you’re sending him to Benin Republic or Togo. Also, if you have the money and can afford it, a trip to Santorini or Paris.

Average spend: ₦500k- ₦2 million.

A shopping spree

You’ve seen his drip on occasions so you know his style. Take his ATM card and buy all his essentials.

Average spend: ₦50k-₦500k


Show that man you can do better than Hilda Baci. If she cooked 80 recipes, raise him 100 pots of local delicacies. Afterall, the way to a man’s heart is his stomach or something like that.

Average spend: ₦20-₦100k.

Book a spa appointment

Source: TripAdvisor

He’ll be in that massage bed thanking God for the day he met a thoughtful queen like you. Doesn’t matter if you’re his wife, mum, sister or friend.

Average spend: ₦50k-₦200k.

Organise a hang-out with his guys

These Gift Ideas for Men Are the Best You’ll Ever Find

Men hardly have time to throw parties but will they attend one with their gees? Just make sure to cater for all their food needs. Buy them liquor too, they like that.

Average spend: ₦50k-₦200k.

An underwear set

These Gift Ideas for Men Are the Best You’ll Ever Find

Source: Konga

Forget the trash-talking on Twitter , men actually appreciate boxers and singlet. You can go the extra mile with designer brands.

Average spend: ₦20-₦50k.


Source: The Modest Man

A lot of men obsess over sneakers, shoes and palm slippers. Pay attention to his favourite and get him a or two. Bonus point: Go for designer brands.

Average spend: ₦10-₦200k.

Mobile phone

Source: Stuff

Chances are, he already has an expensive phone. But men like to stay updated and you can go the extra mile by gifting him the latest version of his device. Be sure to know if he’s an Apple bro or Samsung brethren.

Average spend: ₦200k-₦1m.


These Gift Ideas for Men Are the Best You’ll Ever Find

Source: Pinterest

Men love to smell good but they don’t want to go in a room smelling like a thousand other bros. Make it your mission to find his signature scent and ensure that he hardly runs out.

Average spend: ₦10k-₦300k.

Game console

These Gift Ideas for Men Are the Best You’ll Ever Find

Source: Konga

It has to be the latest PlayStation console. But hey, half is better than none, if you can’t afford the latest just make sure you buy one.

Average spend: ₦200k-₦500k.

Graduation gift ideas for men

Whether he just bagged a new degree or completed an online course, you want to motivate your man and let me know that you recognized his efforts.

A new whip

More Nigerian parents need to embrace the idea of gifting cars during milestone achievement. Your son just bagged a degree? Spend that money!

Average spend: ₦2m – ₦50 Million.

Graduation party

Let’s be honest, school isn’t easy. If anyone makes it to graduation, they deserve to be thrown a party with their loved ones. Although, we can’t say parties come cheap.

Average spend: ₦50k-₦500k.

Book a photoshoot session

These Gift Ideas for Men Are the Best You’ll Ever Find

Pictures preserve memories and you can be thoughtful by helping the celebrant immortalize one of their most prized moments. Please dear, book a professional photographer and not ‘photooo’.

Average spend: ₦50k-₦150k.

Graduation Cake

These Gift Ideas for Men Are the Best You’ll Ever Find

Source: Pinterest

Personally, we believe there should be a cake for every celebration because why not? The key here is to make sure a special message comes with the cake.

Average spend: ₦10k-₦50k.

Gift hamper

These Gift Ideas for Men Are the Best You’ll Ever Find

Source: Konga

No, you don’t give out hampers during the Christmas season alone. Curate a personalized hamper and include items like: Notepads, pen, playing cards, wallet, multi-tool pen, etc.

Average spend: ₦20k-₦100k.

Personalized photobook

Source: PhotoNaija

Chances are, he shared memories with you throughout his stay in uni. Go the extra mile and document these memories in a photobook. He might cringe at first, but never you mind, he loves that shit!

Average spend: N25k-N100K.

Wedding anniversary gift for men

You should be celebrating every year spent with the love of your life. It’s nice to say you love him but this list of gift ideas for men will help you prove your words with actions.

Couple’s massage

It’s a gift for him but God forbid you leave your LOML in the hands of a masseuse. Go with him, and if things get extra heated, you might even have the room to yourself.

Average spend: ₦70k-₦200k.

Weekend getaway

Source: Visit Greece

If you have kids, send them to their grannies. A private trip to some of the most romantic destinations in the world. You can do Olumo rock too if that’s what you can afford. It’s the thought that counts.

Average spend: ₦200k-₦2m.

Vow renewal

These Gift Ideas for Men Are the Best You’ll Ever Find

An opportunity to tell each other “for richer, for richer” Very yes please! You can keep it private or have family and friends witness the true love story.

Average spend: ₦50k-₦500k.


More skills mean more earning potential and that’s good for everybody. Do your research and pay for a course that will shoot him up his career ladder. Don’t sleep on this gift idea for men.

Average spend: ₦100k-₦500k.

Personalized accessories

These Gift Ideas for Men Are the Best You’ll Ever Find

You want him to think of you everywhere. Whether he’s at work or stuck in traffic on the 3rd mainland bridge, he’ll always smile when he sees your words or initials on his belt, bracelet or wallet.

Average spend: ₦50k-₦100k.

Customized Bible or Quran

Source: iStock

Remember how you picked the Holy book on your engagement day? You want to remind him that the word of God is still important in your union.

Average spend: ₦5k-₦50k.

Set up a man cave

Source: Essential Home

Nigerian landlords are wicked and it’s expensive to have the luxury of space. However, if you do, it’s time to put on your interior designing cap; create a safe space just for him. Hear hear, this will cost money.

Average spend: ₦500k-₦5m.

Cinema date

Source: iStock

If you can rent out the entire cinema, please do. Otherwise, just you and your man are see a romantic movie that will reignite the flames of your love.

Average spend: ₦50k-₦200k.

Upgrade his wedding ring

Consider this as an investment for the future. If it’s a silver ring, upgrade it to a diamond. 

Average spend: ₦1m-₦20m.

Hot intercourse

It doesn’t matter if they get it every other day, men love sex. The key here is to try something extra different and special. Maybe grant his BDSM fantasies—just kidding.

Average spend: ₦0.

Father’s Day gift ideas

Mothers get most of the love but we know fathers also want it. This is your opportunity to show daddy how much you appreciate him picking up the bills and leaving his wallet open at all times.


It’s the one day where he gets to receive after months of giving and giving. Suffocate his bank account with something hooge.

Average spend: ₦100k-₦10m.

Father’s Day cake

Source: Wilton

He’ll most likely not eat because he doesn’t like eating sugar. But make sure there’s a cake with a thoughtful message stating how special he is.

Average spend: ₦10k-₦50k.

Bottle of wine or whisky

You want to find an expensive bottle that has aged well. You can accompany this with a cute card telling daddy how much of a good parent he is.

Average spend: ₦10k-₦100k.

Customized keyholder

Source: The Laser Boutique

Daddy probably has keys for everything. The car, his office, the house and special safes. give him a customized keychain that keeps everything organized.

Average spend: ₦5k-₦20k.

Father’s Day hamper

Source: My Basket

Curate a special hamper for daddy. You can include items like: Customized journal, cufflinks, provisions, etc.

Average spend: ₦50-₦150k.


As they grow older, Nigerian men fall in love with native wears and you’ll be sure to find a dozen or more in their wardrobes. Hit up with your fabric plug at Balogun market and spoil him silly.

Average spend: ₦20-₦150k.

Health supplements

We want to make sure daddy’s health is in good shape at all times. Make sure you check with the family doctor to know what works best for him.

Average spend: ₦50k-₦200k.

Retirement gift ideas for men

A lot of thoughts should go into selecting the best retirement gift idea for men as you’re celebrating an important milestone in his life. Whether as a wife, a child, colleague or friend, you want to give him that big pat on the back for getting to the finish line. Your gift should do the talking.

Retirement party

The company will most likely have a moderate send forth event but you want to make sure you go the extra mile. Gather friends, family and loved ones to celebrate years of service.

Average spend: ₦100k-₦500k.


Source: Conde Nast Traveler

Probably the most important on the list, daddy should be getting some well-deserved rest after years of doing the work. We recommend an out-of-country experience, but hey, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) is budget friendly.

Average spend: ₦250k-₦2m.

Retirement birthday cake

Retirement gift ideas for men

Source: CakeNBake

A big 18 inches, multi-flavored, cake that comes with a message that says: “you’ve worked, it’s time to chill/play” or something sweet like that.

Average spend: ₦20k-₦50k.

Open a business

Except daddy is Dangote or Otedola, retirement in this part of the world isn’t really the end. You want to set daddy up with something that pays the bills apart from his monthly pension.

Average spend: ₦500k-₦10m.

Gift him a mansion

Source: Reuters

African parents mean their last word when they pray for their kids to buy cars and build houses for them. What better time to show daddy that prayers can be answered?

Average spend: ₦10m-₦100.



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