Let’s find out why +40 Nigerian men receive gbas gbos every now and then.

No patience

It’s like they’ve exhausted the last strand of their patience in their 30s. They tell a woman they like her now, then expect her to process and be their babe five minutes after.

Too unbothered

Their unofficial name is “silent treatment”. If you think you have a masterclass in ignoring people, please, come and try a 40+ Nigerian man first.

Agbaya behaviour

They kiss a babe in her 20s/30s then suddenly remember she’s not their mate when they’re not on the same page. Did you forget you said she should call you by your given name and pull your beard?

Pot belly

This is the official age-group when men fully develop their potbellies. Immediately they start seeing money, the next thing is big stomach. Maybe we need to ban poundo and beer.

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Forming busy

40+ men after 15 seconds of hugging are already shouting, “Please, get up. I have a lot of work to do.” Workaholic, chill o.

Flirting is stressful

Aside from telling women to drop “mister” and just call you your name, do you have anything exciting to offer?

Sleeping early

After dinner, they’re always tired. Can’t watch a movie without dozing off. It’s just 9 p.m., and they’re already snoring in bed. You’re a man, FFS. Can’t you fight nature?

Unaware of trends

Can’t even blame them for this one. They don’t have Twitter accounts; you can only catch them on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Bloody liar

One of their favourite quotes is “Young woman, I’ll take care of you.” Telling these big lies all over town while your wife and three kids are at home praying for your safe return? Hmm..

Double wahala

Women suddenly realize 40+ men are worse than those in their youth.

Men realising they’ll always be dragged like Tiger gen.

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