My Bro is a weekly Zikoko series we started to interrogate and celebrate male friendships of different forms, and boy, have we done that this past year.

From friendships built on heartbreak and beer to friends learning how to open up and accept love because of each other,, we’ve shared many brostories (you’re free to laugh) since we launched in April. But out of all the crazy and fun stories, here are the eight bromances you all couldn’t get enough of.

1) I Didn’t Know How to Say ‘I Love You’ Until I Met You — Adesegun and Demi

When Adesegun and Demi met for the first time over five years ago, their interaction was what anyone, especially Demi, would describe as a hot mess. However, listening in on their conversation now, it’s hard to think of a time when these two weren’t obsessed with each other. In their friendship, the “I love yous” flow freely and without hesitation as I watch them remind themselves of just how much they mean to each other. 

In this episode of My Bro, they talk about the transition from hatred to friendship, bonding over the losses in their lives, accepting each other’s differences and how this friendship has made them more receptive to love. 

2) I Can Count on You and Know That I’ll Be Okay — Muyiwa and BFG

While there might be a little confusion over when Muyiwa and BFG met for the first time, their unique bond and friendship is as clear as day. Connecting over beer, Twitter jokes, career moves and heartbreak, these two, over the past decade, have successfully built their friendship on a foundation of honesty and humour.

In this episode of My Bro, they talk about why they’re the closest within their friend group, what people don’t understand about their friendship and why sometimes all you need after a bad breakup is your bro and a bottle of beer. 

3) I Can’t Wait for the World to See You the Way I See You — Brian and EL

People often say, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”, but listening to Brian (in Enugu) go back and forth on a virtual call with EL (in Abuja), I’m convinced distance had little to do with the strong bond these men share. A casual encounter over ten years ago created a relationship built on the foundation of honesty, humour and love that runs real deep. Brian and EL aren’t just friends, they’re practically brothers or, as EL likes to say, “Twins”.

In this episode of My Bro, they talk about being each other’s soulmate, the depressive episode that threatened their friendship and the day they almost died.

4) Our Friendship Is Perfect Because You’re Stable and I’m Chaotic — Nnamdi and Yela

Nnamdi and Yela both understand what position they hold in their friendship — one is dominant and outspoken, the other is a supporting character who chooses violence once in a while. This dynamic might prove difficult for some friends, but these two have figured out a way to complement each other and make it work. 

In this episode of My Bro, they talk about surviving loss together, feeling guilty when one friend gets left behind and why they’re perfect for each other. 

5) You Helped Me Fall Back in Love With Filmmaking — Dare and Kayode

Many things don’t gel well in my book: Garri and milk, trench coats and the Nigerian sun, and running a business with your friend. However, after spending over an hour getting to know directors-turned-friends-turned-business-partners, Dare Olaitan and Kayode Kasum, I may have to rethink my list. 

These two are responsible for directing the 2021 comedy, Dwindle. And this year [2022], Kayode was a producer on Dare’s Ile Owo, while Dare was Executive Producer on Kayode’s Obara’m. How do they separate their friendship from their work? And most importantly, how do they work together without throwing hands? 

In this episode of My Bro, they talk about how they moved from creative partners to friends, avoided fights on set and learnt to support each other without crossing boundaries. 

6) Amebo Is the Glue That Holds Our Friendship Together — Foluso and Gbolahan

Foluso and Gbolahan may have met in a high-pressure environment, but best believe their five-year friendship is pressure-free and smooth AF. If they weren’t bankers, they could be comedians with their comedic timing and constant dragging of one another.

In this episode of My Bro, they talk about bonding over heartbreak, using amebo to hold their long-distance friendship together and why Foluso won’t get to be Gbolahan’s best man at his upcoming wedding. 

7) You Push Me to Accept I Deserve Better — Astor and Hassan

Astor and Hassan met five years ago, working as writers at Zikoko. Their friendship and chemistry was so popular that they got their own show: Astor and Hassan vs The World. But while they’re both famous for making other people laugh, Astor and Hassan have had major bad days they only survived because they had each other. 

In this episode of My Bro, they talk about posting funny memes as a cry for help when life gets hard, supporting each other through relationship drama and managing the weight of people’s expectations. 

8) Our Fighting Has Only Brought Us Closer — Stephen and Pamilerin

Stephen and Pamilerin started talking on social media five years ago, and now, they’re best friends who run a popular restaurant in Lagos. In this episode of My Bro, they talk about understanding each other’s love language, handling fights about work and how Pamilerin’s recent marriage has affected their friendship.

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