Remember when we told you about Nigerian mothers in BBNaija house? Now, let’s imagine Nigerian fathers in the house. The drama would be on a different level.

1) The house will open everyday with someone asking you about your plans for the future.

Immediately you wake up, you’ll hear: So, young man/lady, what’s the plan for your future? Ozo needs someone to ask him that question so he can jazz up.

2) There’ll be the father complaining that they don’t turn off the lights or they eat too much.

“It’s because they have never worked for money before.”

3) I’m sure one father would have told Laycon to focus on making money and that girls will come later.

I can bet my money.

4) Someone would have reminded Ebuka and Biggie that when they were trekking to school, they weren’t born.

Featuring “you kids of nowadays have everything.”

5) Diary sessions would involve one daddy talking about how the women don’t kneel down to serve them food.

6) Or don’t serve them like three pieces of meat.

The disrespect!

7) And yes, someone’s daddy would have said “don’t call me sir,” just call me Tunde.

Come off it, we are all adults here.

8) Evictions would involve them roasting each other.

Fathers have sharp mouth.

9) Just think about all the nicknames.

Polly face, Alani Debe Debe, Baba two, Daddy girls, Mr. Akanni slightly married, Alagba, Egbon.



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