The odds of hearing about a cis Nigerian man curling his toes from prostate pleasure is minimal. But we all know homophobia is the reason the “male g-spot” doesn’t rank high for many cis men, but it’s a hit if you’re adventurous enough to try it.

I’m not trying to impose, but this might just be the  new level of sexual pleasure you want to unlock.

First off, what’s the “male g-spot”? 

It’s also called the p-spot (prostate spot), but how are cis men to be convinced this is another way to get mind-blowing orgasms if we don’t borrow the “g-spot” from the female sexual design? As the name implies, it’s a sexually sensitive walnut-sized gland that’s just located below the bladder.

The sweet spot

The prostate can be found approximately two inches inside the rectum. It can be stimulated in two different ways, it all balls down to your comfort. You can stimulate externally by rubbing the perineum (a sensitive, erogenous zone between the testicles and anus). Or internally through the rectum, the most direct way.

You might not believe this, but the prostate has almost the same level of sensitivity that the clitoris does. It’s a full-body orgasm ting, bro.

Are you with me?

Eunuch aren’t left out

Demasculinization is the removal of testicles and suppression of male hormones, which is what eunuchs have to do to be, you know, eunuchs. But even they aren’t left out of prostate enjoyment.

Has nothing to do with your sexuality

The male g-spot doesn’t have jack to do with your sexual orientation. Defeat the toxic masculinity, and talk to your partner about it. What’s a hot sex life without explorations?

Set the mood

You want to be fully relaxed and aroused to enjoy the utmost prostate pleasure. It’s totally up to you, but things like a hot shower, foreplay, sensual massages will keep the balls jiggling.

Always be prepared

Once you’ve made up for it, your safety and comfort are next. Clean fingers, short nails, lube. Don’t do anything without water-based lube (the best) or lube shooter (if that’s preferred) — solo or with a partner.

Baby steps

Start slowly. Gently rub and stroke your perineum, try different speeds for different sensations. Iskelebebetiolebebe. 

Try a prostate massager

If you’re comfortable enough, why not? Prostate massagers are more available than you think. Do your research, homeboy.

Fear of bowel movement?

It’s a valid question, especially for a first-time explorer. Shit happens, sometimes. Have wipes nearby, just in case.

Breathe and enjoy

Your body’s natural reaction to a prostate massage will probably be to hold in a bit of tension. Try relaxing the body and muscles. Don’t hold your breath, slowly inhale and exhale. Don’t unalive yourself before your time.



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