24 School Books Kids Born In The 80s And 90s Will Remember

February 17, 2016

If you can recognize all the books on this list, then I’m sorry to break it to you, but you are getting old!

1. Sugar Girl

Remember meek Ralia and Ayawa the witch, with her scary breasts that have a life of their own?

2. Understanding Mathematics

The bane of our existence!

3. Ugo C. Ugo

The book we all had to study to pass our national common entrance exams to get into secondary school.

4. Larcombe’s Mathematics

Who understood the calculations in it?

5. Joys of Motherhood

Our introduction to the works of Buchi Emeta. Wonder what she’s up to these days.

6. Brighter Grammar

Makes learning English easy.

7. Macmillan Primary English

Who remembers Ali and Simbi?

8. The Lion and the Jewel

Baroka fights with Lakunle over the right to marry Sidi.

9. Things Fall Apart

Okonkwo and Ikemefuna. ‘Nuff said.

10. Key Points for the various subjects

This book saved a lot of students in the exam hall.

11. The Bottled Leopard

The part where everybody in the book thought the world was coming to an end, because of an eclipse is just hilarious!

12. Books by Enid Blyton

A lot of people still think Enid Blyton is a man.

13. Eze Goes to School

Eze having to wake up when the first cock crows just to prepare for school.

14. Modern Biology

Many students studied this solely for the benefit of studying the reproductive system.

15. Chike and the River

Before the Niger bridge existed.

16. New School Physics

A big, black text book of horror, pain and sadness.

17. New School Chemistry a.k.a Ababio

The book was full of hieroglyphics for some people.

18. The Drummer Boy

Was based on the life of Benjamin ‘Kokoro’ Aderounmu.

19. Koku Baboni

A childless woman taking on a baby she found in the evil forest is just touching.

20. Alawiye

The ultimate Yoruba textbook.

21. Without A Silver Spoon

All about morals, morals and more morals.

22. Odenigbo

When he became an outcast for seeking protection from the gods.

23. My Mother’s Daughter

Unforgettable scene: her father eating raw pepper like garden egg.

24. The Queen Primer

Our introduction to English Language.

Memories, memories. Those were the days, the days of freedom when we had little care in the world.

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