8 Celine Dion Songs That Say ‘I Love You’

February 13, 2016
You could call Celine Dion the queen of love songs and you wouldn’t be wrong. Each of her song is perfect for whatever you happen to be feeling, in whatever stage in your relationship. Looking for Celine Dion songs that says “I love you” this Valentine? Then here you are.

1. When you finally meet the one.

2. For when your heart will love someone to eternity.

3. When you need to be reminded of the power of love.

4. To show that you appreciate your better half.

5. When the person you love is still in doubt.

6. When you go the extra distance for him or her.

7. When you need to be reminded not to give up on love.

8. When you’ll do anything for the one you love.

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