People cry for a lot of reasons. Maybe the waiter got your order wrong after making you wait for an hour plus, or it might be tears of joy from finally finding a taxi after a ridiculously long wait time. Whatever the case may be, if you find yourself always teary-eyed with makeup on, here are ways to let the tears flow, but continue looking like a bad bitch.

Cry directly into a bucket 

Hold your face over the bucket, and keep your eyes wide open. Once you hear the first teardrop hit the bottom of the bucket, congratulations, you’re doing it right.

Wipe your tears with money, not your hands 

If you’re going to cry in public after getting the face beat of your life, then you better be wiping those tears with cool cash. People might see you crying, but at least you’d be crying with money.

Fan your face

Something about moving your hands back and forth over your face and taking multiple deep breaths helps the tears remain at bay, and even if they come out , it’ll be just a few drops.

Remind yourself of all the hard work that went into perfecting your look

The perfect makeup looks take money, time, and effort so remember all you put in to look like Agbani Darego’s twin and act accordingly.

Send the tears back

Fold your arms, rock back and forth, then shake your head really fast, do this twice, and watch the tears return to where they came from.


Blink rapidly for 5 seconds. You’ll either stop crying, or everyone around you would wonder if all is well. Either way, your tears would no longer be a problem.

Open your eyes…wide

If you feel the tears coming, we suggest you keep those eyes wide open. Close it even in the slightest, and the teargates would open like Moses just let the red sea go.

Use a Zaron eyeliner

Prevention is way better than cure. It’s best to draw on that sharp AF cat eye wings with Zaron’s Axe liquid or smoke gel eyeliner. They glide easily over your eyes and are smudge-proof, so you can wear them all day long without a bother. Look at us putting you on, don’t say we didn’t do anything for you.



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