It’s Cancer season so cheers to warmth and good vibes. Here’s your horoscope for the day:

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I know it seems like your effort is often in vain but don’t stress yourself too much. Nigeria is hard, so it’s not you, it’s the country. Just be yourself and don’t let anybody whine you. You are the shit. Whatever you do sha, just be a little less wicked. Stop breaking hearts up and down before they show you pepper.


You are used to enjoying things privately, but today you find yourself leaning into the company of others. Here’s my advice for you: Bask in it. (But please note: Lean on me no mean say make you press me die). Wear a shirt that draws attention and thank me later. 


You are always on the move, learning and growing. I need you to take this as your cue to take a break, listen to others. Abeg try dey rest. Buy yourself anything you like, tell them Zikoko sent you. 


I know you often feel lonely and neglected. I am here to tell you that today is your day — just keep it moving, don’t let anybody stop you because you and your efforts matter. It will come to you.


This is a time to claim all the pleasure and sweetness in the world. Even if it gives you jedi-jedi, we dey your back. Ignore all the people that insist on making you feel small, who dem be? If e sure for them make them show face.


Here’s a chance to connect with people and things that bring you joy. Forget about the fact that Nigeria is on fire and drink to the little joys, like your Uber driver staying quiet through the entire trip. This life no balance yes, but no be you kill Jesus. Enjoy your life abeg.


Express your feelings and thoughts, no matter how contrarian you think they are. You never know whose life you are changing. Someone is always listening. But sha, don’t go and jam talk oh.


Often you feel like everyone wants something from you and you can’t meet up all the time. Here’s what I have to say: Exercise your right to say no. Them no born person born you, except of course you shared the womb with someone. Even if you shared womb with someone, say no to the person too. You cannot come and die. 


Forget about yesterday’s loss. You put in your best and it didn’t turn out exactly how you wanted. Don’t let the blues get to you. This is your chance to ginger yourself. The bad times don’t define you.  “Alexa, please play Ginger by Burna Boy.”

“Alexa, are you there?”


Set your boundaries even though people insist you are doing too much. You are not party Jollof, you don’t have to please everyone. 


I know the world is changing faster than you can grasp, but this is us telling you that you are doing great, sweetie. Embrace the change, it will all be worth it. 


Don’t worry about the future. Take one step at a time and eventually, things will become clearer. Right now, focus on moving. Even if it’s not clear yet, wear glasses. 

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