Have you ever wondered why men cheat? If yes, then you most likely would have been told that it was the devil’s work. Well, beneath that work of the devil lies more reasons. Some of them are so strange we don’t even know what to think about it. See for yourself.

1. Let’s begin with this man who cheated in order to help with his babe’s “character development.”

An elite excuse.

2. This one who backed up his cheating with science.

“Scientifically.” Men will disappoint you.

3. He forgot they were—wait for it—dating.

How can you forget that you are in a relationship for goodness sake?

4. Lol what??

This better be a joke because WHAT?!

5. Aww, he was forced.

I imagined that she forced his manhood into herself. Poor, poor man.

Sex Life: BDSM Is The Way And The Truth

6. This one even did poetry.

I want to break your heart, but let me borrow a line from Shakespeare.

7. Now let’s close with Iceberg Slim, who cheated on Juliet Ibrahim.

Xri bouh dah.

Let’s balance the narrative. You should read this: 7 Women Talk About Why They Cheated


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