Here we go again! Welcome to the new year!

A fresh start as everyone looks forward to new opportunities, possibilities, milestones, achievements, and successes.Expectedly, there would be expectations, projections, plans, and well-intentioned resolutions laid down to achieve set goals for the year.

Before you roll your eyes at the mention of “new year resolutions”, or the widely proclaimed “New Year, New Me” mantra, it is critical to note that resolutions, albeit sometimes led by emotions and unrealistic goals, evolve from a genuine decision to get it right in the new year.

Resolutions are commonplace, as people indulge in retrospection and re-evaluation of some of their decisions with the resolute desire to lead a better life from the previous year. However, the question is how many people follow through to keeping the well written and laid-out plans?

According to the Discover Happy Habits blog, only 64% successfully keep to their new year resolution just one month after making them. There is no prize for guessing that the numbers thin out as the year unfolds. Clinical psychologists conclude that the major reason most resolutions fail is attributable to a lack of self-discipline and low tracking of progress evaluation.

Let us be honest, most of these resolutions are made at the spur of the moment without clarity or unrealistic measures. So, this year we thought to help with simple, realistic, and foolproof steps to ensure your resolutions are not the usual “wash, rinse and repeat”. The best way to plan is to ask; “what realistic and immediate changes do I want for my life”? Below are steps on how to plan your 2022 results-driven resolutions.

What should I do now?

We believe that the best way to plan and achieve the desired goal is by taking immediate action. Planning should not only be approached from a futuristic point of view but from simple questions like “What do I do now? What can I change or adjust now?”.

Typically, resolutions focus on the achievements in a month, a quarter, half-year or end of the year, with less attention on the immediate steps. Sometimes, these changes and adjustments are the real deal in achieving your plans for the year.

Let’s make it clearer; imagine you have a mental note of the professional certifications you would like to acquire in three months, or the networking events you love to attend within the quarter, but you never actually note the professional certifications or create a reminder for the events at the instant, pin in at a visible spot or on your electronic devices, what would happen? Yes, you guessed right, there is a higher chance that you might forget them because these plans were never staring you in the face. If the plan is to get more certified, surf the internet now, register for the desired courses, pin the date on your calendar and start the countdown.

If yours is to spend more quality time with your family and kids, check your calendar to plan your leave, plan either a vacation or a staycation, check the newest recipes to prepare for your family, call that loved one as you plan a visit. In other words, do not postpone the actualization of your goals and take deliberate steps immediately.

What should I do by mid-year?

After taking immediate actions, the next step is what should you plan for the mid-year? What needs to be achieved by the year’s second quarter (April – June)?

Researchers and psychologists noted that people tend to get forgetful or complacent in pursuing their desired goals for the year by the second quarter. This mindset is caused by the growing activities, pressure and shifts or failure to meet already set targets.

However, the second quarter of the year is critical in achieving your midterm goals as one looks to steer the final half of the year on the right course. Whether your midterm goal is to save for the purchase of a car or house, plan for the summer trip with the family, acquire more skills and knowledge, do not wait till June to start the mid-year work appraisal, begin in April to check which activities need more focus to realign. Do not let the months slide away, engage yourself, do the things you might not have achieved in the first quarter and master the decisions you were able to achieve.

What should I do by the full year?

The full-year goals might sound so far off and might seem not to require immediate and deliberate planning. Darling, this year, don’t dull yourself, start planning now, so as not to get caught up in the tale of “Oh, it is the end of the year, already? What have I achieved this year?”, “How did the year go so fast”. So, if you think pampering yourself with that long-desired destination trip or gifting your loved ones that special gift or taking a deliberate step to preparing for the future of your family and kids and not living anything to chance or happenstance, planning the long-term goals are your go-to.

Without any doubt, mistakes, risks, and uncertainties and sometimes failure characterize human endeavours. It is essential not to leave anything to chance. Therefore, this year, no matter what your plan is, make sure to prioritize peace of mind and the confidence to acknowledge that there is assurance and comfort no matter what happens.

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