We asked four two-timing Nigerians to share their stories and all I can say is, three out of them are way past the point of no return:

Emmanuel, 27 – Always down to bone

“Well, I’ve never felt responsible for upholding the sanctity of someone else’s relationship. I’ve hooked up with married people and people in long-term relationships. I don’t intentionally pursue them, but if I’m into someone and I find out they are taken, that doesn’t really phase me. If they are still willing to hook up, I’m down.”

Zainab, 22 – The snog queen

“In SS2, I went out with this boy. He was nice, but we had some issues – I low-key thought he was cheating on me. We took a break during the summer holiday and then, I met this other guy who was my neighbour. We hit it off immediately and had a hot make-out sesh. This is where the plot thickens – my boyfriend was friends with said neighbour. So, he found out about it.

To this day, I have no idea if it was the other guy that outed what we did, but the story was that I had sex with him and I was like “hell, no!”. I tried to explain to my boyfriend that we were technically on a break at the time, but he wasn’t having it. And so, we broke up — typical Ross and Rachel stuff. If you watch friends, you’ll get it. We got back together but not for long.”

Gbenga, 24 – The douche-y cheater

“My girlfriend was beautiful – I said ‘was’ because without me by her side, she’s not that attractive (LOL). Anyway, she was beautiful but was way too clingy and at first, I liked it but it got annoying after a while.

I met the girl I cheated on her with at the mall, and bruh, she was fine! like not just a snack but a whole damn meal. I went to talk to her, you know, putting on the sweet moves and of course, it worked. This girl was on me like white on rice. So anyway, I took her out on a couple dates for about a month before she let me get it. I liked her because she challenged me and was nothing like my girl. I know at this point you’re wondering why I didn’t just break up with her and the truth is, I just wanted to eat my cake and have it. Anyway, my girlfriend literally walked in on the new girl giving me head and that’s how i got caught cheating. I’d do it again though.”

Mercy, 23 – My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

“Firstly, I don’t think it’s cheating if a relationship isn’t defined, but I juggled four guys last year. Two of them found me out and got mad but I don’t know why they were so upset about it because we technically weren’t dating. I thought loyalty was only for I-want-to-marry-you people. “

Have you ever cheated? Or have you been cheated on? Let us know!



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