Anxiety is a monster, making you do absurd things sometimes. Or all the time, depending on the size of the monster living in your head. Here are 7 things anyone who’s dealt with anxiety will relate to:

1. Practicing conversations in your head before having them

You also replay those conversations in your head after you’ve had them.

2. Having panic attacks over something that is yet to happen

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3. Wanting the ground to open up and swallow you when you have to walk past a group of people

Sad Walk Of Shame GIF by TLC Europe

Take me now!

4. Overanalyzing anything and everything people say

stressed issa rae GIF

And overthink everything too.

5. Cancelling plans to hang out with friends last minute

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You’re just not wired to socialise.

6. Assuming strangers are making fun of you when you hear them laugh

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Even though it was something else, you swear it’s about you.

7. You’re uncomfortable eating in public for the fear of being judged

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Please don’t judge me!

Can you relate? Let us know what other thing(s) anxiety makes you do!


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