It’s exam season, and before you say anything, THINK.  

I have a mirror, so I already know what I look like. Before you talk about my dark eyes and vivid collarbones, just take a step back, and think.

School is already hard enough, but everything gets ten times harder during exams. We don’t know where the questions are coming from. The topics you skipped might be the ones that come out. We’re basically just in a limbo, and it’s very frustrating. So, if you don’t know how to help this period, here are a few tips. 

Give them food every day 

They forget to eat, so getting bulk food might be inefficient.

Pray for them

Prayer is the key, please. How are they going to know the answers to questions they were never taught if they don’t get divine intervention?

Don’t ask too many questions

Especially questions like, “how are you?” It might lead to long talks and tears that you aren’t ready for.

Tell Mairuwa to fill the drums

If they have constant water, you’ve eliminated about 30% of their daily struggle, and they can focus on the more important issues at hand.

Don’t complain about late replies

Please, the lecturers are already acting like workers of the kingdom of darkness, don’t join them with unnecessary stress.

Read the room

Look at their faces before you’re led to speak, because if you say or do anyhow, chances of you seeing anyhow are incredibly high.

Send them money 

Who doesn’t like free money?

Satisfy their cravings 

Please understand, they’re going through a lot, so even if they’re craving a house in Banana Island, and two Cayenne Porshes, they deserve it.

Long hugs

The hugs might lead to excessive tears and sobbing, but considering what they’re going through, it’s only understandable.

Written by Tetenta Naarai



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