Anyone who attempts to start a discourse on any of these topics in 2023 will be doxxed, found, beaten, shamed in the town square on the busiest market day, and banished into the evil forest to find your remaining brain cells.

You’ve been warned.

I feel like this topic has been the subject of debate for so long I can imagine Neanderthals arguing about this around a fire in their caves. The fact that it’s still being discussed now is fucking insane. If it means that much to you, split the bill or pay for what you ordered.

“When did you know your friend actually hated you?” “When did you know you were being cheated on?” “What are the signs of a dying relationship?” “Tell me how you found out your partner was doing wash put for you.” What are you? A demon who feeds on people’s sadness??

“If you make N40k per month, your wife makes N60m per month, and y’alls rent is N1m, who should pay the rent?” “If both of you go to work at 6 am and get back at 7 pm, who should cook dinner?” If your wife makes more than you, would you tell her to take a pay cut or banish her to live under a bridge forever?” GET A FUCKING HOBBY!

This movie came out six years ago and had an 18% score on Rotten Tomatoes. It is not a good enough movie to still be debating stupid ass plot points after all this time. Who was wrong? Tyler Perry was wrong for making this shit.



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