Are you even a real Lagosian if you don’t jump buses every ten market days? Use these seven tips to stay on guard when you board a Lagos danfo.

Lagos danfo.

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Always make a quick survey before you hop in

Seeing a Lagos danfo bus

Is there a right mix of men and women? Where are they seated? Hard face or soft? These are the questions.

Avoid the front row

Running from Lagos danfo bus

It’s always tight, hot, and you’re completely shut out from everything that’s happening inside the bus. The middle bench is the sweet spot.

Take pictures and videos

We know you can’t share your Lagos danfo ride details, but you want to put in the extra measure by taking short recordings of the driver, conductor and co-passengers. If they catch you, you’re on your own sha.

Don’t press your phone if you chose a window seat

That’s an open invitation to traffic robbers. After taking the security videos, your phone should be safely tucked in your bag.

Please, don’t sleep

We know you’ve had a long day, and the traffic isn’t helping matters. But please dear, don’t sleep. You could miss your stop, or God forbid, become prey to evil co-passengers.

Don’t take sensitive calls

You don’t know your co-passengers, so it’s just not wise to take business/work calls on the bus. Wait till you get home.

Mind your business

There’s nothing bad about socialising, but please, focus on your destination. The gist might be a ploy to get you distracted before stealing your soul or kidney.

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