I want you to know that no matter how creepy, unhealthy and problematic the title of this guide sounds, this is a safe space and I am not judging you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep tabs on someone you have no business keeping tabs on. Ok, that didn’t read well. You know what? This is a safe space shikena.

1. First step; create a new account for this.

Stalking with your main account is a rookie move, you need a burner account for this unpaid work you want to start.

2. Keep in mind that it spans across all social media platforms.

You need Instagram for pictures of them looking good and chopping life without you. Then you trek to Twitter to check out what ideologies they now roll with and what else is going on in their life. When you are done, stop by LinkedIn to see if they finally got that promotion.

3. Make sure to read ALL their posts.

zikoko - Stalking Your Ex

And I mean every single post they have made since they started existing on social media. Why are you squeezing face? Don’t you know stalking is a high maintenance hobby?

4. Check the comments on their posts and check out the commenter’s profile too.

zikoko - Stalking Your Ex

People in the comments section are always a good lead. They probably know something you don’t. Travel to their page to find out.

5. Check their followers and the people they are following.

zikoko - Stalking Your Ex

Keep a close strategic eye on the people they follow, they may have proposed to or accepted marriage proposal from one of them.

6. Check every person they have tagged.

zikoko - Stalking Your Ex

There’s more gist waiting for you there.

7. Check mutual friends and family members. 

Those things they don’t want to say, one busy body family member will most likely have said it on their behalf.

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