If you haven’t heard of Zikoko Daily — our daily newsletter that rounds up your favourite Zikoko stories with a lirru touch of in-house madness from our writers — then you’re either using Glo or living under a rock.

Now that you’re here, let’s fill you in on the eight types of Zikoko Daily Newsletter readers that exist.

The ones who just love swearing for us

We know we’re funny, but which one is replying us with, “You guys are just mad”? Why this?

The early reader

They’re the first to open our emails as soon as they get them at 4 p.m every day. They deserve a special place in Tems’ heaven.

The motivators

They love sharing feedback and sweet words of encouragement. Plus, they’re never shy to tell us how much they love reading from us. Don’t tell anyone, but these ones are easily becoming our favourites.

The ones who forward every issue

They love their friends and enemies so much that they never miss sending them our newsletters. But honestly, don’t your enemies deserve to laugh too?

The ones who just read without subscribing

Their friend already did the Lord’s work by forwarding every issue of Z! Daily to them — which they love and never miss reading — but do they subscribe? No, they just jump and pass. Remember, the Lord is watching you.

The ones who love to binge

They receive the newsletter every day at 4 p.m. but decide to delay reading till the last day of the week just so they can Zikoko and chill. We don’t hate it tbh.

The ones who click every single link

They know everything in the newsletter is guaranteed to keep them entertained, so they’ll click every single link, no matter how many.

The ones who brag about us everywhere

They’ll not only read the newsletter; they’ll also make sure to announce our craze-entertainment to all their social media timelines.  Operation trigger everyone’s FOMO.

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