There’s a thin line between liking your work and loving it so much that it actually takes over your life.

If you notice these signs, just know you’re one email away from becoming capitalism’s strongest soldier.

You reply to emails in less than five minutes

That’s not even productivity anymore. What happened to taking time to read, digest and think about 40 different ways to respond before actually responding?

Your laptop is your favourite accessory

You take your laptop everywhere. By the time you start thinking of laptop space when you purchase bags and purses, just know there’s no turning back. You’ve been got.

You don’t know how to go on leave

Even when you go on leave, you find yourself thinking about work or “checking in” to confirm everything’s going on smoothly while you’re away.

You receive more calls from your boss than your significant other

That’s if you even have a significant other since you’re more likely to cancel plans to do more work.

You start dreaming about work

You know it’s bad when your dreams are just you thinking about deliverables and pending tasks.

You think your coworkers are lazy…

Because no one can measure up to your idea of efficiency. Sorry o, Mr Efficient.

…But they think your own is too much

You always miss out on office gossip because you’re always immersed in work. Spoiler alert: they kinda hate you.

You’re available after hours

Once you become your boss’s go-to person for late-night and weekend requests, just know that play has turned to dance.

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