Before today, I’d have argued with anyone who told me they didn’t understand the meaning of the term “soft life” because it’s literally in the name.

But alas, I found this on Twitter streets, and it turns out not everyone really knows what it means.

So, this article is just evidence of me doing the Lord’s work. You’re welcome.

Soft life originated in Nigeria

It’s not my business if you disagree. Nigerian pidgin speakers have used “soft” to describe enjoyment since they started crawling, and the “soft life” term gained popularity among the Nigerian influencer community in recent years.  

It means enjoyment

Soft life is slang for living a life of comfort and zero stress — one where sapa and village people don’t exist.

It isn’t just about having money

Especially if said money only comes after spending the whole day Lagosing. Did you read the part where I said “zero stress”?

Soft life is the Nigerian dream

In a country that’ll always find different ways to stress you, soft life is the dream. We all want it so much, Lady Donli had to release a whole song about it.


@Dammy Eneli we too would like to work from Mauritius 😭 #baller #mechanic #workfromhome #wfh

♬ original sound – Medua

Soft life is not ashawo work

If you think anyone who uses this term is referring to “doing runs” or must be a sugar baby, stop it, please. Let’s not be unfortunate.

In conclusion

To live a soft life is to live a life of ease and money. Everything is better with money. How you want to get that life is entirely up to you.

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