1. Location is everything. You can use the city but the bush is always better.

The forest will add an extra layer of suspense to the movie. And you can’t beat those natural sounds of the owl hooting or the crickets chirping to make your movie extra scary.

2. You will need a white sheet for your ghost.

The ghost wearing it may or may not have their face painted white. The sheet takes care of that.

3. There has to be a chief priest or scary old man who uses cowrie shells to talk with the gods.

4. There must be a coven of witches that will be destroyed.

Yes! Up up Jesus! Down down Satan!

5. You can include an animal in your movie, but don’t worry about getting the real thing, visual effects will do.

6. Also include a mystical creature or two which the hero/heroine(s) will battle and eventually kill.

7. You’ll also need Patience Ozorkwor to lead your coven of witches.

And they have to be dressed in red.

8. Then you’ll need zobo. Lots of zobo.

9. You’ll also need white chalk. Plenty of white chalk.

Or white talcum powder. You can take your pick.

10. And you’ll need to get this guy:

And make him use his family for rituals.

11. But if you can’t find him, you can also use this guy:

And you better make him king.

Your horror movie can also feature:

12. Skin diseases…

13. Multiple breasts…

14. And Medusa…

Or at least the Nigerian Medusa.

15. Or you can just pack some boys into the bush, tell them to remove cloth and carry coffin in the night for money ritual.

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