These video will hit you right in the feels! Some will make you feel old, but all will make you feel nostalgic. Even if you’re too young to know most of these commercials, you will still feel the nostalgia. Grab your tissues because you’ll either be crying from laughter or just plain crying at the memories. Let’s go there!

1. This advert for MKO Abiola’s presidential campaign in 1994.

Na him be the hope for better tomorrow.

2. This Bagco super sac ad.

E dey kakaraka!

3. This hilarious Gold Circle ad.

Na who get this raincoat?!

4. This ad for Emzor Paracetamol.

Na the same before and na the same now. Wellness anytime!

5. Remember this touching MTN commercial?

“With MTN your world is always where you are.” Aww.

6. Omg! This Blueband advert.

Blueband gives you the energy to grow.

7. This ad from Nicon Insurance.

When you need a cover, you have a friend in them.

8. Check out this Coca Cola ad.


9. This Ribena advert.

Ribena rules, that’s good for me.

10. Check out this classic Thermocool ad.

Makes things better… Makes better things…

11. This Close Up toothpaste advert.

Close up gives you fresh breath.

12. Ava toilet soap’s commercial.

It captures the freshness of the sea.

13. This funny ad by Zebudiah for Elephant Blue detergent.

It laundricates white whiter and colour brighter.

14. This ad for Super V Visco Static engine oil.

Best protection for your car’s engine.

15. This Elegance ankara ad.

Elegance is to the 80s and 90s what Da Viva is to the present.

16. Chai! This Indomie noodles commercial.

Indomie is the ancestor of all other noodles in Nigeria.

17. This Joy soap advert.

Your own special beauty treatment.

18. This ad for Benylin cough syrup.

If symptoms persist, see your doctor.

19. Jeyes Fluid ad. Whatever happened to them?

The best way to keep your toilet clean.

20. This Lux soap commercial.

For soft, smooth and naturally healthy skin.

21. This traditonal ad about Eagle Aromatic Schnapps.

May you soar like an Eagle.

22. This combination of Indomie, Hi-Malt, Lux and MTN.

You’re welcome.

23. This four-in-one compilation.

Super blue Omo, Lux, Close Up, Blueband,

Watch all the videos here.

Featured image via Smithsonian.


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