1. This dress, made by Nigerian haute couture fashion designer, Deola Sagoe, has cause plenty kasala on Nigerian Twitter.

2. The dress, which was worn by Fatima Kyari, the daughter of Sen. Abubakar Kyari, apparently costs anything from N500,000 to N1.5million.

3. And naturally, the price has gotten everyone doing like this:

And the Twitter reactions are even more hilarious!

4. This one just took the whole thing p:

5. Sleep simply eluded this one:

6. Ah! Jesus’ tears?

7. Oshey, wash and dry cloth:

8. Even Mother Mary?

9. You go fear chameleon iro and buba:

10. Yes, the armor of God will protect you:

11. Ah! Prophet Elijah?

12. The cloth go come with groom too?

13. Ladder! Ladder! Ladder! Ladder o! Our Lord Jesus is a ladder!

14. Bride ke?

15. You peepu!

16. Oshey, laundromat.

17. This one dey find whistle:

18. Oshey! Bulletproof iro and buba.

19. Revirgin waaaat?!!!

20. Not only powers and principalities, what of wickedness in high places?

21. And of course Odunlade had to make an appearance:



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