Nigerian music has grown in the last few years, so much that our musicians are now in a class or two of their own.

Let’s talk about it.

We have those artistes who are badly behaved because they know we love them.

Wizkid - everywhere stew
Postpones video releases. Has baby mama drama every Friday. Cancels shows. But you can’t complain because everywhere stewwww.

Those legends who have been making hits since we were babies.

2face is a vampire. That’s the only explanation.

Then there are those guys that drop one song and go into hiding for the rest of the year.

Why are you behaving like fluorescent light, Pepenazi?

You know those ‘potential superstars’ that have been up-and-coming since Obasanjo’s first term

The Theo Walcott of Nigerian music.

Those musicians that drop one hit song and spend the next two years remixing it.

Mr Real Legbegbe
Eez all marketing.

Can we talk about those guys who are always talking about questionable subjects?

are you a yahoo boy
VPNs, Wire transfers and Clients.

Then there are those people who think they’re smarter than all of us.

Vector tha Viper
“If I dey piss you off, go wee-wee” – Vector Tha Viper, 2011.

What about those guys who just won’t go away?

Speed Darlington
Lyrics coming at you like Beng-da-da-deng!

This category is dedicated to the musicians who simply show up and steal our hearts.

Teni the Entertainer

And recently, we’ve been introduced to those who want to give us something different.

It’s an Alte Cruise.

Whether they’re spitting bars over our heads, or just coming short, we still love our Nigerian musicians.

Let us know your favourite class of Nigerian musicians in the comments.


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