*Note: Weaves here means “wigs, weavons and braids”.

1. Having your hair touched by random people. Without permission.

Stranger: “You look good girl! Is this all your hair?” *goes ahead to touch your hair*

2. Being able to feel your scalp.

You can actually touch and feel your scalp. No weavon tracks. Your scalp is not air-deprived, you can actually feel breeze in your head.

3. Not having to do this.

No weave-patting for you.

4. You seriously loath Wash Day.

Get ready to spend two hours making sure your hair is properly cleaned and deep conditioned and moisturized.

5. Your edges are still young and thriving.

Nothing is pulling them back to the past.

6. You when it’s about to rain.

Because you know your twist out is about to be destroyed!

7. The nastiness of a smelly weave is not your portion.

Carrying your hair for two to three months? God forbid!

8. You get bad hair day sometimes.

When your hair just refuses to co-operate with you.

9. You get good hair day most times.

When the deep conditioning and moisturizing brings out the best in your hair.

10. You unknowingly causing trouble.

When you sit in front of people with your big hair.

11. You at night and during the day.

When you have to put your hair in twists before you go to bed versus taking them down in the morning.

12. Being a product junkie.

Water, anointing oil and all other liquids are not your enemies. When you see a new hair product, you just have to try it out.

13. Thankfully, you never have every weaveaholic’s recurring nightmare.

When your extensions part ways with your scalp.

14. The actual condition known as ‘weave addiction’ isn’t something that affects you.

Because you’re all about the natural hair life.

15. Your bank account is bouyant. No 100k, 200k Brazillian hair for you.

You account balance isn’t affected by money spent on human hair.

16. You’re all about the bonnet life.

You gotta protect ’em curls and coils.

17. When your hair pins disappear.

Wherever could they have all disappeared to?

18. When you have a failed twist out.

The tragedy. They weren’t ready to be released to the world yet.

19. When you perfect the twist out.


20. Sadly, you don’t experience the beautiful natural-botox effect of a fresh weave.

The way that thing pulls at your face! No wrinkles in sight when you have a fresh weave.

21. But thankfully this horror movie is something you’ll never experience!

Or this.

Or this.


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