Youtube vlogger and blogger Sisi Yemmie has been continually wowing us with her delectable dishes.

These are a few of them.

1. Banga and starch

This delicious food is native to Delta state.

2. Garden egg stew

A really different way to the regular raw garden egg.

3. Strawberry chocolate parfait

Quick to prepare. Perfect for breakfast.

4. Adalu

This is a unique alternative to ewa agoyin.

5. Ikokore

This is a really popular Ijebu dish.

6. Ojojo

This is an Ijebu dish and is very similar to akara. Ojojo can be made from the remnants of the wateryam used in making ikokore.

7. Dodo gizzard

It tastes just as delicious as it sounds.

8. The classic jollof rice

Prepare it the party way.

9. Plantain porridge

This one is very lepa-friendly.

10. Banga rice

Don’t feel like eating jollof, white or coconut rice? Try this.

11. Yaji curry



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