1. When you see someone who is very clearly a catfish.

2. When you realise that “hook ups” = paid sex.

Oh wow. Is it like that?

3. You, dodging all the Yahoo boys and runs babes. 

Please, that’s not why I’m here.

4. When you come across the profile of someone you know in real life.

Well. this is awkward.

5. When someone hits you with a nude out of nowhere.

Who asked you?

6. You, waiting to see someone who’s actually attractive:

What kind of barren wasteland is this?

7. When you open the app and see zero messages.

Am I ugly or what?

8. You, after reading a terrible, long-winded bio.

Please, save it for your novel.

9. You, praying you don’t get murdered after agreeing to meet up:

God, I’m not ready to come and see you yet.

10. How your app starts buzzing during the holiday season:

The IJGBs have landed.

11. “Matured minds only.”

You already know this one doesn’t have sense.

12. You, actually joining a dating app to find love:

Lmao. Be deceiving yourself.

13. Everyone on Nigerian dating apps claiming to be a CEO:

Na so.



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