1. So, you just graduated from a College Of Medicine or Faculty Of Pharmacy eh?

And they are even calling you young doctor or “pharm pharm” at home…

2. And they told you that Internship/Housemanship money is like blood money.

I mean, you have a list of family and friends you plan to kill with enjoyment.

3. Naturally, your walk self has changed. I mean Pre-rich binchessss!!

Low key, you start to look down on your other friends with non-medical degrees.

4. They kuku told you that they will be begging you for job so you even start to select places you want to do Internship.

I am a ‘Profeshunal’ please.

5. So, the places you applied to start to call you to write exams

You start to feel on top of the world.  I mean you are making it in real life without Daddy and Mummy’s help.

6. Five, Six, One million exams later…

Nothing. Not even ‘You are an olodo, don’t ever come back to this place again.’ Silence.

7. That’s how 6 months have gone since you graduated and you haven’t started killing anyone with enjoyment

People are starting to ask questions: ‘Did you really graduate?’ ‘When is Jamb?’ ‘Shebi doctors don’t look for work?’

8. And then some of your classmates that didn’t even struggle to write exams start to get jobs ahead of you

So, you go and beg them to show you the way.

9. Some say it is God, others say it is connection.

You know you are a sinner and your daddy doesn’t know anyone in this life. You start to panic.

10. Then you start to apply to places you had initially sworn you could never work in as a ‘Profeshuna.’

The Medical Director, Federal Medical Center Gombe, Epp!

11. Change your ways.

It is well.


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