Believe it or not; Nigerians love the English language and we waste no time to show (our love for) it. In many ways, we’ve made it ours and have taken liberties to use English words in fun, robust, and original ways nobody (who isn’t Nigerian) can emulate. If you’re in doubt, delve into this compilation of tweets showing the use of English range by Nigerians.

Poet wannabe type beat

Awolowo started what he couldn’t finish. 

Charity starts from home

No modest income

Anti-billing template

May we not see what’s inside Pandora

“Doxology” lmaoooo

Life is all about perception 

Set awon “irreparable loss”

Are you a goat???

You better runnnn!

We use “posterity” so much, I think it’d judge us one day

Explain yourself

In the same class with Foot-04

Don’t fuck around and find out 

Somebody shout Hallelujah



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