After decades of being the poster boy for smoking and weed, Snoop Dogg recently implied he’s done with that life.

If Snoop Dogg can give up smoke, Nigerians should have no problem giving up these 10 things. We can do it.

Saying, “I’m coming” when we’re actually going

I’m not sure how this started, but I promise, no one will die if you actually go, “I’m stepping out for a bit and will be back in X minutes.”

Calling women “ashawo”

It’s not like I expect misogyny to disappear, but at least, let’s be creative with the insults. “Ashawo” is so 2007. We can do better as a people.

Using people’s downfall to give testimonies

It’s such a Nigerian thing to witness a fatal bus accident and go, “Thank God my eye twitched, and a spirit told me not to enter that bus,” or “Fifty people died, but only me survived.” Why?

Dry Gen Z jabs

Dear millennials, please, give up the urge to classify Gen Z as people who only know how to say “purr” and reject work. It isn’t attractive anymore. We aren’t the reason fuel is now ₦650.

Truth or Dare

If I hear one more, “Let’s play truth or dare” at a Lagos party, I’ll throw hands. If you want to do x-rated things, do it with your full chest. Don’t disguise.

Claiming to be the “Giants of Africa”

Read the room, people. We haven’t been anyone’s giant since 2015.

The urge to mind other people’s business

If it’s not marriage-watching, it’s body count-watching and womb-watching. You might argue that amebo is already a part of us, but if Snoop Dogg can do it, we can too.

BBN fandoms

I’m not saying it’s bad to stan your favourite Big Brother Naija housemate, but when you start changing your username to “Housemate XX’s left breast” and contributing your last kobo to someone who doesn’t need it, something is wrong somewhere. 

“Mogbo moya”

Both of us know you weren’t invited to that party. There’s nothing sweeter than owambe rice, but is it until they disgrace you before you stop showing up at things you weren’t invited to?


The fact that you choose to carry all your three children in a keke napep doesn’t mean anyone else has to help you “lap” them. Same applies to friends [or even strangers] you feel have more money than you. It’s no one’s responsibility to “do giveaway” for you. Know that and know peace.

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