Ramadan is going to be interesting this year for many reasons. With social distancing and the whole staying at home thing, it’s going to be a long ride.

People have complained about how their faith can’t thrive in isolation. Inspired by a Twitter user, I found a thread of podcasts that can make Ramadan a lot easier for Muslims.

This is the tweet that started everything:

1) Freshly Grounded.

I like this one because of how open minded the presenters are. The episodes are long but worth it. My best for now is the episode with Yahya Raaby where he talks about Ramadan without mosques and learning Arabic in quarantine.

2) IlmFeed Podcast.

This is a fave. They discuss things from marriage to depression, to creativity, self-care, business. The range here is astounding. Wow. An absolute fave and I can’t decide on my best episode yet. However, one that comes to mind is the episode on gratitude in times of hardship. Loved it!

3) Mufti Menk.

Everyone loves Mufti because of how compassionate and self aware he is. He tackles serious matters with empathy and that’s all we need in life.

4) Honest Tea Talk.

This is for women but I couldn’t help but be moved by the vulnerability. Honest conversations from abuse to depression to jealousy. The honesty is refreshing and it’s a must listen for Muslim women.

5) The Deenspiration podcast.

I haven’t fully listened to this one but the voice of the host, brother Usman, sounds very soothing and kind. On first listen, I was hooked. The reviews look good so I am looking forward to it.

You can check out more podcasts by clicking here.



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