We’re already a week plus into the new year and, hopefully, you’re following through with all the plans you made for the year. 

Plans have a way of being frustrating when you don’t have the financial backing to achieve them, that’s why this year, Kredi Bank is committing to helping you actualize all your resolutions and goals for the year.

Whether your plans to pay rent for a new space, start a business or sort out those school bills, don’t let lack of funds a.k.a sapa 

be what holds you back this year. 

With Kredi Bank and a savings plan that guarantees you a staggering 17% on your savings investment, you can get a financial cushion to take care of your money worries while you make those daring moves on your new year plans.

 But if those goals need immediate funds, you still shouldn’t go further than Kredi Bank – get an instant loan with no collateral or paperwork and get those plans on the road this new year. 

What are you waiting for? Download Kredi Bank from your android or iOS store and start banking the inKredible way today.



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