Another die-hard football partner

If you’re sure you don’t want the stress of them having to choose between you and football all the time, get them another partner who’s a die-hard football fan so they can stop stressing you out, and everybody wins. But if you can’t deal with your boo having another boo, keep on reading.

Original football jersey

Original football jerseys are so hard to find, so getting them one would really blow their mind and make them see that you’ll do anything for them to be happy.

A plot of land

Since they love football so much, buy them a plot of land to use a football field, so they can start their own local football club. Who knows, maybe they’ll build the next Man Utd

Ticket to watch a live game

If all the support they’ve shown for their favourite team has only been over the TV, why not buy them actual tickets to a live game so they can watch their faves in action?

A shoutout from their favourite footballer

If Odumodu could do it with Declan Rice, you can do it too. All you have to do is get into a studio somewhere and record a song titled Lionel Messi, then sit back and watch everything unfold.


Yes, you’ve heard it too many times on the internet but we’ll say it again. Buy your partner a PS5 and the latest FIFA edition along with it. If they don’t shed tears of affection for you, come and fight us.

A trip to watch the premier league

Watching a live game is cute, but have you tried flying your partner all the way out to watch the entire premier league? Just try it and see how they break down in appreciation. It’s the little things that matter.

DStv subscription

Or better yet, you can pay for their DStv subscription so that when the Premier League comes back, they’ll be ready to watch it. And it won’t even cost you much because when you pay for a particular package, DStv upgrades you to the next highest package, as part of their DStv Step Up offer. Don’t say we didn’t do anything for you.



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