Written by Muktar Oladunmade of TechCabal

I’m sure you’d have never guessed it, but Zikoko is TechCabal’s younger sister. Like all last-borns, she’s the more irreverent publication. But in a move to be more like her elder sibling who relaunched his website in 2022, Zikoko is also relaunching hers. And TechCabal wants to know why she’s copying him. 

TechCabal: Can you introduce yourself, my dear baby sister?

Zikoko: Who is a baby? I don’t know who’s deceiving you that you’re the older publication. Is it because you write about tech bros? For the sake of those who don’t know, Zikoko documents Nigerian youth pop culture. 

TC: We started publishing stories before you. And why are you here?

Z: Well, I rebranded my website. And I did it to stay fresh. It’s 2023. I want my website to reflect the new age of Nigerian youth.

TC: What’s so fresh about your new website?

Z: I’ve organised all my content better. My readers can now see all my categories at the top of the page. I also put trending articles on the home page, so they can see which articles are hot and get the gist faster. I know you can’t relate since you only publish boring news.

TC: Not that I was trying to relate.

But there are unsubstantiated rumours that you take crack to be funny. Can you shed some light on this?

Z:  I can neither confirm nor deny the rumours. But if I was taking crack, it’d probably be the purple kind. Purple really suits me, don’t you think? 

TC: Interesting

Z: No comment. Say no to drug abuse. 

TC: Too late! What else is on your new site? 

Z: I changed how my readers can watch videos. It’s a lot easier to find my many hilarious shows now. 

There’s a new newsletter widget too. I’m super excited about this one because instead of subscribing to all of them without knowing exactly what you’re signing up for, my readers get to choose and pick their faves.

TC: Are you changing the type of content you offer? 

Z: Nope. My readers can still read all their favourite flagships, like Naira Life which shares how people relate with money. And Love Currency — stories of how people in relationships interact with money. 

TC: Is it only money you talk about? 

Z: Why don’t you wait for me to finish. It’ll also have categories like Aluta and Chill, talking about university students and their challenges. The Pop category won’t go anywhere either; I’ll never stop talking about Nigerian pop culture. 

TC: Do you document serious conversations at all? 

Z: But why are you such an old millennial? So money, pop culture and relationships aren’t serious? Well, I also have a new vertical, Citizen, to talk about politics and teach young people how it affects them. I do all I can to amplify youth culture by curating and creating smart and joyful content for young Nigerians all over the world.

But I’m sure you also can’t relate to the joyful part. 

TC: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that last part

Z: Did I lie? 

TC: Do you have anything else to add, please?

Z: All these your questions are too much, abeg. I have better things to do. 

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Zikoko amplifies African youth culture by curating and creating smart and joyful content for young Africans and the world.