Zikoko sits in the corner staring at their half-eaten plate of small chops when they hear the drums.

Puff Puff dances into the office, followed by her local drummers and entourage.

Zikoko: This is… 

Puff Puff: My friend, join me to dance! You know my story.

Zikoko: I don’t want to be that person but… we’re on the clock.

Puff Puff: That’s true. You’re right. 

Puff Puff sends her entourage away and finally takes her seat.

Zikoko: Welcome back to Interview With.

Puff Puff: Thank you o. Thank you. The last time, I was here with those ingrates. Today, I have the floor.

Zikoko: Ah yes. You people’s association of finger foods they don’t send message.

Puff Puff:

Zikoko: I’m talking about them, not you. As we can all see, you’re thriving on your own.

Puff Puff: Say it again. Those small children wanted to drag space with me. Me! But look at life now. I will always be on top, and they’ll remain under me. They don’t even have the range I command.

Zikoko: Speak your truth, Puff Puff. 

Puff Puff: Me that I was so good they named me twice, that low-budget gala, and the triangle one that’ll continue to have identity crisis. They hate on me, but I showed them.

Zikoko: Name and shame them, Puff Puff. Name and shame them.

Puff Puff: Spring roll and samosa, I’m talking about the two both of them. Because I was having a bad year, they thought they could insult an OG like me.

Zikoko: But people are still complaining about you. 

Puff Puff: Where?

Zikoko: Ahh, everywhere o. They’re complaining about all the shape-shift you used to shape-shift.

Puff Puff: Me, shape-shift? I don’t do that. 

Zikoko: They’re also saying you’re in your identity crisis era.

Puff Puff: Me?

Zikoko: They said you’re doing too much. Today, pepper. Tomorrow, Noreos. The day after, Oreos. The people are starting to get scared. They don’t know what they might find when they bite into puff puff these days.

Puff Puff:  

They’re all haters and clout chasers, and they can’t even cook.

Zikoko: Shhh.

Puff Puff: Don’t silence me. Customer is right, customer is right. Today, customer is wrong. I give people variety. However you want your puff puff, you can get it. If you dream it, you can achieve it.

Zikoko: Word. 

Puff Puff: Vanilla, chocolate, peppery, strawberry


Puff Buff: You’re right, I shouldn’t be giving people ideas. If they sha don’t like one, they can find another that suits their taste better.

Zikoko: True.

Puff Puff: Why is your face still like that?

Zikoko: Sorry, that your strawberry comment just made me remember rainbow puff puff.

Puff Puff: What’s wrong with that? Same wonderful taste in different colours.


Puff Puff: Sorry.

Zikoko: Please, tell us about your come-up story.

Puff Puff: Hmm, I know I don’t look a day above 19…


Puff Puff: …but I’m old. I’ve been in this food business for a while now. It hasn’t always been stable, but I’ve always had my people and fans, the popping puffers, behind me. 

Zikoko: That’s the name of your fanbase?

Puff Puff: It’s not good?

Zikoko: If your fans like it.

Puff Puff: Aren’t you a fan?


You got me, you got me.

Puff Puff: Anyway, my core fans have always been there, but the haters always hate and spread rumours about me. They started with the playground lie, and that one made things tough for a while. 


Puff Puff: I now decided to join those ingrates and their useless small chops association. That’s when the haters started coming from everywhere to insult me. They said I was always too much. Before nko? The people that fill the pack with me know I’m the life of the party. That’s why they want me there.

Zikoko: It’s like you have plenty haters and enemies.

Puff Puff: Shebi, you too you are seeing it.

Zikoko: You don’t think it might be because of your bad behaviour?

Puff Puff:

Are you one of them?

Zikoko: One of what?

Puff Puff: My haters.

Zikoko pushes their plate of small chops away, with its ten puff puff pieces laying in the cold.

Zikoko: Never

Puff Puff: Better 

Zikoko: Before you leave, do you have anything else you want to say to your haters?

Puff Puff: Shame to bad belle people. I am the winner, you are the loser.



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